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Name Crumbed Tofu
Ingredients Water, vegetable oil (soybean), modified starch DP3, (potato starch, isolated soy protein, Maltodextrine, Transgutaminase), Modified starch, sea salt, spicesg.
Allergens Gluten, soy, dairy
Suitable for lacto vegetarians
Net Weight 220g +/- 5%
Exp. Date Indicated on the seal
Storing Method Refrigerate at -18 Deg Cel
Cooking method Steam, Fry, Grill, Stir-fried


Nutritional Information Per 100g
Energy 1044kj
Glycaemic Carbohydrate of which: 17.1g
– Total Sugar 1.5g
– Saturated fat 5.9g
Dietary fiber 0.6g
Total sodium





Crumbed Tofu

Introducing our delectable Egg-Free, Garlic-Free, and Onion-Free Crumbed Tofu, a flavorful delight crafted to satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body. These crispy tofu bites offer a perfect balance of textures, wholesome ingredients, and a plant-based twist.

We’ve taken great care to create a product that caters to vegetarian and plant-based lifestyles while also accommodating specific dietary restrictions. Our Crumbed Tofu is made from high-quality tofu, coated in a deliciously seasoned breadcrumb mixture, and prepared without any eggs, garlic, or onion.

Whether you’re looking for a versatile ingredient for your favorite recipes or a tasty snack on its own, our Egg-Free, Garlic-Free, and Onion-Free Crumbed Tofu is an excellent choice. Enjoy the crispy exterior, the tender tofu inside, and the knowledge that you’re making a compassionate and sustainable choice with each bite.





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