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Name 4 Spicy Burgers
Ingredients Water, isolated soya protein ( Soy lecithin), vegetable oil(soy bean), whey gluten, textured soya protein(soy protein, wheat protein(gluten), cornstarch, wheat starch, calcium sulphate, magnesium chloride, preservative(sodium metabisulfite), tikka sauce, crust chilli, chilli powder, mustard, celery, concentrated lemon juice, sea salt, spirit vinegar, vegetable oil (palm fruit), cereal, MSG,hydrolysed soya protein, colourants (paprika extract, tumeric extract), brown sugar, citric acid, preservative (sodium benzoate) tapioca starch, crushed chilli, red chilli, sea salt, spices
Allergens Gluten, soy, dairy
Suitable for lacto vegetarians
Net Weight 320g +/- 5%
Exp. Date Indicated on the seal
Storing Method Refrigerate at -18 Deg Cel
Cooking method Fry, Grill, steam, Microwave
Nutritional Information Per 100g




Glycaemic Carbohydrate of which: 12g
– Total Sugar 1.1g
– Saturated fat 2.1g
Dietary fiber 4.0g
Total sodium 627mg

4 Spicy Burgers

Spicy burgers just got even more exciting with our flavorful and satisfying creation. These spicy burgers are specially crafted to cater to a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions, as they are completely free from egg, onion, and garlic. Whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, or allergen-sensitive diet, these burgers offer a tantalizing option for everyone.

Our spicy burgers are expertly made using a combination of plant-based ingredients, skillfully seasoned with an array of aromatic spices. These bold flavors will ignite your taste buds without the need for any onion or garlic. Each bite delivers a fiery kick that will leave you craving more.






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