Name 5 BBQ Saugages
Ingredients Water vegetable oil soybean , soya chunk, textured soya protein soy protein, wheat protein gluten, cornstarch, weed starch gluten, calcium sulphate, magnesium chloride. Preservative. Sodium metabisulfite. Whey protein. Tapioca Starch. Fresh red chilli. Fresh green chilli. Brown sugar. Sea salt. Spices. Flavouring.
Allergens Gluten, soy, dairy
Suitable for lacto vegetarians
Net Weight 320g +/- 5%
Exp. Date Indicated on the seal
Storing Method Refrigerate at -18 Deg Cel
Cooking method Fry, Grill, steam, Microwave
Nutritional Information Per 100g




Glycaemic Carbohydrate of which: 11g
– Total Sugar 0g
– Saturated fat 3.1g
Dietary fiber 3.9g
Total sodium 527mg

5 BBQ Sausages

Our BBQ Sausages are a delicious plant-based alternative to traditional sausages. They are made with high-quality plant-based ingredients and are meticulously seasoned to perfection. They are completely free from any animal-derived components and are perfect for vegetarians and those following a plant-based lifestyle.

With utmost dedication, we have created a product that caters to vegetarian and plant-based lifestyles while accommodating specific dietary restrictions. Our BBQ Sausages feature a delectable blend of high-quality plant-based ingredients, meticulously seasoned to perfection, and completely free from any animal-derived components, including eggs, garlic, and onion.

Whether you’re hosting a lively backyard barbecue, yearning for a savory meal, or seeking a versatile protein option, our Egg-Free, Garlic-Free, and Onion-Free BBQ Sausages are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. Delight in the captivating aroma, savor the juicy texture, and take pride in every bite as you make a compassionate, flavorful, and allergen-friendly choice.






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